What You Should Know Before Buying a SUP

a group of people using stand up paddle board

Stand up paddle boarding is a popular sport that is gaining attention across the world for good reasons. It offers a lot of fun, great workouts, and anyone can enjoy it because it is easy to learn. So, what stand up paddle boards are best for you? The process of choosing your paddle board can be quite challenging if you are a beginner. Selecting the right one is all about your lifestyle, what you will use it for, and your budget. If you are not sure what you will use your SUP for, then take your time. The following are things to consider when choosing a paddle board.

Types of Paddle Boards

girl on a supTo find the right paddle board it is necessary to know the difference with each type. You should note that there may be some crossover because you may use your SUP for various purposes such as surfing, touring, racing, and recreational. The following are some of the types of stand up paddle boards you will find on the market.

Surf SUPs

These are ideal for both immediate and expert paddlers. If you want a lot of action out of your unit, then you should buy this one. You will find it easy to maneuver. Also, it is less stable on the water as it can easily fall.

All Around SUPs

This is the right choice for the beginner and first-time paddlers. It is versatile and can easily work in all the conditions. This is the most common stand up paddle you will find. It is family and pet-friendly.

Touring SUPs

These are ideal for the serious paddlers who have an interest in intensity workouts. They are designed for long distances. This explains why they are commonly used in lakes, bays, and open oceans. Also, they are constructed for maximum efficiency and glide. They are stable and wide enough for the beginners.

Fishing SUPs

These are meant for people who love fishing. They are a great alternative to a kayak or a boat. They have a lot of volume and can stay high and dry. The pre-installed scotty mounts allow users to personalize the fishing experience. Also, users have an option to add fish finders, rod holders, and other accessories they require for fishing.

Race SUPs

man on a stand up paddle boardThese are meant for the flat water races and ocean competitions. They have extra width and extra length that offers fast spring speed. These SUPs are quite challenging for beginners. They are ideal for recreational and elite racers alike.

Yoga SUPs

These are designed for flatwater, yoga, and other fitness related exercises. They have a large deck pad that provides ample room for workouts and yoga. These SUPs are constructed with stability in mind.

Other Factors

After choosing the type of SUP you need, there are other vital factors to consider. For instance, you need to determine the right size. Remember that this will be based on your paddle boarding experience and weight. If you need a lot of volume, you should go for a thicker, longer, and wider board. Also, you should consider other factors such as your budget, customer service, and warranty.